25 Best Social Media Analytics Tools in 2018

Tracking and reporting social media efforts can be a tedious, manual, and even difficult task for marketers….

That’s because you don’t use one of these social media analytics tools listed below. With a little advice from the Evolved Thinkers and some knowledge on how these social tools can work for YOU, you’ll be doing things with social you only dreamed about.

So, here’s the million dollar question, in an over-saturated sea of social media analytics tools, how do you choose the right one for your campaign?

Well, we decided to dive into a black hole of research to come up with the best 25 social media analytics tools to help our fellow entrepreneurs navigate (and dominate) their online community.

 Social Media Success

Social media analytics are imperative when you’re planning to run a successful campaign. It’s like having your very own online private investigator giving you all the information you need to reach your social media goals. There’s one catch, the information isn’t always delivered in a digestible format.

If you’re as stubborn as us, you’ve tried to hold out on choosing a paid tool to help automate your social media reporting. We’re been there. For hours, actually. Plugging numbers in to an Excel spreadsheet and testing out formula’s that may or may not work. What did we find? It’s a waste of time. We had to stop the protest, open our wallets and purchase a tool that would save us from going insane.

Shamelessly, we have acquired a couple social media analytics tools that have made a world of a difference to our campaigns and productivity. While you might be thinking, “No sh*t, Sherlock”, we’re the type of social media marketers who try to do everything ourselves. As the cliche saying goes “time is money”, and social media analytics tools are making it easier to move forward in a fast paced industry.

What are Social Media Analytics?

They are the foundation to your social media success. Once upon a time, we were able to look at a social media analytics dashboard and easily gauge the status of a campaign or promotion. Fast forward a couple years (or light years in internet time) and social media analytics have become granular, complex and time consuming.

The biggest reason we urge you to choose one of these social media analytics tools, is so you can STOP worrying about your data. Instead, you can use it PROACTIVELY towards future campaigns. Social media is changing at an increasing rate and trying to keep up with the algorithm changes can be exhausting.

Question: How many newsletters do you have flooding your inbox? And how much time do you REALLY have to read it? 

Guess what? When you use one of these badass social media analytics tools they will usually update you with any big platform changes. Imagine having peace of mind over your social media campaigns…

Here’s how to get started on your next social media campaign:

Step 1: GOALS. 

Why are you doing social media? The internet is already filled with white noise that no one listens to. So what makes your campaign so special? #truth

If your goal is to increase sales and see an amazing ROI, then we suggest re-evaluating how people use social media. We are strong advocates in using social media as a tool that leverages your brand, NOT the driving force.

For example: If you’re doing a social media influencer campaign, the social channel is going to be chosen based on where your audience is engaging the most. The infleuncer and social channel are just supporting factors in delivering a bigger message.

Social Media Marketing: Step 2

The second step is determining your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). After you know what your goals are, it’s vital to think about the social metrics that will best aid those goals. The following are examples of of marketing KPIs for increasing the number of visitors:

  • Reader engagement: likes, reactions, comments
  • Shareability: number of shares and replies
  • Link click-throughs

Once you know the most important metrics, you can begin monitoring and testing different post formats, content types and marketing techniques.

Now we’ve given away some of our trade secrets, here are the 25 best social media analytics tools for 2018:


Buffer is an easy-to-use social media scheduling and monitoring tool that has been a great addition to the Evolved Thinking social media marketing campaigns. The social media analytics are clear and straightforward, making it great for smaller social media accounts. Buffer mainly measures engagement and key times to post.
Price: Free – $2,550 USD per year

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Brandwatch is one of the best social media tools for watching over your brands image. It monitors different social sites to see how your business is being mentioned. This is great for measuring engagement and assessing your brand’s reach. By monitoring conversations you can decipher what’s working (from the praise) and what needs to change (from the criticism).
Price: Contact Brandwatch to discuss a unique plan

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Google Analytics

Most people interested in social media marketing are familiar with Google Analytics, but many don’t realize the value it offers a social campaign. The tool won’t measure social platforms directly, but it can analyze the traffic being referred from one of those platforms. One way to use it would be to find out how much your Twitter traffic stream is worth to your business, and ways to improve the traffic.
Price: Free – $150,000 USD per month

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Quintly is a powerful comparison tool that sets your social brand up against a competitor’s side by side. If you’re struggling to find a space in your industry, this is a great tool to see what other brands are doing and who they are talking to.
Price: Starts at $129 USD per month; advanced plans vary

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Klout is a useful tool for measuring effectiveness across different platforms. It pulls your profiles and pages from selected social channels, and calculates a score from 0 to 100 to reflect your influence on social media. It also suggests content which you can schedule and share through its app to improve your Klout score.When looking for the best social media tools, Klout is best for offering a snapshot of success that you can use for quick comparison purposes.
Price: Contact Klout to discuss a unique plan


Hootsuite is more than a social media scheduling tool, it can be used as a project management tool for your social media marketing campaigns. The custom dashboard and features provide a great snapshot of all your social channels. Need something a little more robust? Hootsuite allows you to upload plugins and create social teams.

Pro Tip: Hootsuite was the first social media scheduling tool
Price: Free; advanced plans vary

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Keyhole is a powerful tool for measuring your brand’s progress on a social platform, or a competitors. It performs a quick scan and provides a list of hashtags and platform metrics such as likes, shares and retweets so you can get a picture of what is working and what isn’t.

Pro Tip: If you want to boost your engagement, use the Influencers tab to find some influential accounts (highest reach and interaction numbers) in your niche and share their most popular content.
Price: $89 – $3,000+ USD per month


If you’re comfortable using Microsoft Excel then Crowdbooster could be a good option. It’s an easy-to-use analytic platform that gauges both presence and brand performance across social channels.

This could be a great option if you’re running social campaigns that require high volumes of engagement, with a real-time analytic dashboard you ca have total control of your progress.
Price: $9 – $119 USD per month

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AgoraPulse is a powerful tool to track effectiveness over multiple platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It tracks engagement information, and also ranks the users that share your posts so you can identify the most influential people you’re connecting with.
Price: $29 – $199 USD per month

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Oktopost is an excellent social media analytics tool for measuring the value of specific posts and social campaigns. The analytics breakdown the conversion rate for the action taken on  different social platforms.
Price: Starts at $65 USD per month; advanced plans vary

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Rival IQ

This tool is a competitive analysis tool that allows you to see what other industry leaders are doing and gauge if it’s working or failing. It’s great for following trends, watching how your competitors change over time, and assess how business cycles affect similar brands.
Price: $199 – $439 USD per month

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NetBase is a social media tool for the social media accounts playing in the big leagues. It processes and analyzes  millions of social posts to asses industry trends across countries and languages. This is great if you’re looking to do a global campaign.
Price: Contact NetBase to discuss a unique plan

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive tool that offers end-to-end sales and marketing monitoring and analytics (includes mobile and email). As whole it can be an expensive tool to use with a lot of data that can seem overwhelming, however you can pick and choose the features you want to build a social tool suited for your needs.
Price: Starts at $400 USD per month; combination packs vary

Social Mention

Social mention is a unique search tool for social media, like a search engine for social. Just type in a keyword and it will scan through different social sites and blogs to give you information about related keywords and whether people are positive, negative or neutral about the search term. This is a great tool to use during the planning stage of your social campaign.
Price: Free


Edgar is an advanced social scheduling tool that compiles content you upload into a library, and uses it to complete social posts for you whenever you set it to.
Price: $49 – $99 USD per month

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BuzzSumo helps you identify the leading content on your social platform for a certain keyword, URL or search term. This information can be effective when conceptualizing content ideas for your next social media marketing campaign.
Price: $99 – $999 USD per month

Simply Measured

Are you looking for something that can give you granular insights? Simply Measured allows you to connect your Google Analytics account, providing you with information on how visitors from social channels are interacting with your website.
Price: Starts at $500 USD per month; agency plans vary

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The tool captures social data from other social media platforms and creates a comprehensive analysis on engagement and reach. The benefit comes from the competitor analysis tool that allows you to track your brands social activity against “competitive groups”. If you’re fighting to have your voice heard in competitive industry, this could be a useful tool to help join conversations and leverage the audience.

Price: Contact Socialbakers to discuss a unique plan


This powerful tool is helpful when planning your long-term social strategy. You can track data from all of your social media channels in one chart. This big picture view can help keep your social media campaigns on track and even predict the outcome.
Price: Free – $99 USD per month

Platform Specific Social Media Tools



A Twitter analytics tool developed by Moz, Followerwonk gives you insights about your activity and audience. The data collected helps to determine peak posting times, who your audience are and where they are located. Followerwonk also measures a brands social authority, which is useful when try to understand which brands have the biggest impact on your audience. If you’re looking to do a social media influencer campaign, you can use Follwerwonk to find who you need to target and engage with.
Price: Free – $79 per month


Need to find what’s trending on Twitter? TweetReach can give you a real-time snapshot of your tweets reach, impressions, likes, clicks and video views. If Twitter is a social media channel where a lot of your campaigns are going to be focused, then try out the free version and see how you like it. 
Price: Free – $79 per month

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Audiense (Formerly SocialBro) 

Audiense is the comprehensive Twitter tool that gives you unique audience segmentation. Use it to manage your campaigns and segment your followers into different lists.
Price: Free



Command is the ultimate Instagram growth and collaboration tool designed specifically for influencers and brands. It generates reports on your top posts, top hashtags, and most valuable followers. It also allows you to track your competitors and find influencers based on hashtags they use.
Price: Free; advanced plans $9.99/month 

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Learn how to be as effective as possible with your Instagram by using Iconosquare. It’s a social media marketing tool that helps you optimize your content’s reach and engagement.

Price: Free; advanced plans vary 



Tailwind is a powerful Pinterest tool that helps you look at the success of specific posts and tracks things like hashtags and categories.
Price: Starts at $9.99 USD per month; advanced plans vary

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Our Conclusion: All of the social media analytics tools listed have 1 or 2 unique features that could satisfy an area of your social media needs.

We can’t tell you which one’s to choose (sorry), because it depends on your goals and market research. Once you know who you’re talking to or who you need to talk to, you can get a better understanding on what social channels you should be using.

If you find yourself stuck trying to decide which platform is right for you, reach out to one of us at Evolved Thinking! We love helping our fellow entrepreneurs navigate the online community.

Have a question? Leave a comment below!

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