This is Thinking, Evolved.

We’re outside-the-box digital marketing ninjas with constantly evolving but extremely effective digital marketing strategies. We love thinking of creative ways to evolve your marketing strategy and positively impact your bottom line.

Since starting Evolved Thinking, we have been on an exciting and serendipitous journey, that can only be described as breathtakingly magical.

Evolved Thinking was created because we both had a burning desire to break free from the “one-size-fits-all”, scale your business fast and make money fast, type of marketing companies. Our true passion is to provide real value to everyone’s life – marketer and consumer alike.

With some great timing, a heap of support and a pinch of saying “we can do it”, we created a digital marketing boutique that educates and opens the mind of business owners who are looking to use the digital space to increase their brand’s reach.

Baylie Depp Evolved Thinking
Charlotte Oliva Digital Marketing

Baylie Depp


❀ Collecting data & crunching numbers.❀ Business development & start-up growth strategy. ❀ Connecting the dots for a “big picture” marketing strategy, backed by research.

❀ Creating fresh, cohesive branding strategies.


Bentley, the French Bulldog princess. (

Strolling the streets of Paris.
A good online sale.
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Charlotte Oliva


❀ Social media knowledge & trends. ❀ Tech-nerd. Always ahead on the latest and greatest technologies.❀ Building processes that kick a$$, streamline your business, and save money. ❀ Fearless in taking risks & embracing social/digital change.


Any and all puppies.

Playful banter.
Pizza. The cheesier the better.
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But wait, there’s one more #BossBabe…

This is Bentley.

She is the queen of… well, everything in our lives. Baylie is Momma, but this little furry madame is our emotional support, sassy princess model, and boss of everything, as she pretty much runs the place.

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