As Evolved Thinkers we have pretty much tried everything. We’ve pushed the social media boundaries, tested our limits, and gathered a sh*t ton of data in the process. We understand the do’s and don’ts of online marketing, because we’ve done both the do’s and the don’ts.

Every project is a new opportunity to unleash our creativity. No two businesses are alike, therefore we’re NEVER doing the same thing.

We specialize in digital marketing strategy, branding (re branding is kind of our sh*t), brand strategy, content marketing, social media (organic + paid), and web design (UX design might as well be our second language).


You could be on the cusp of online success, but sometimes you need an outside perspective to give you that extra edge. It’s not rocket science, but it takes a certain sense of creativity.


We need to do our due diligence! With some research, interviews & brainstorm with you & your team, we can put ourselves in your shoes.


We put together an in-depth analysis that breaks down the who, what, where and how of your brand. From there, we work our magic.


Every business is unique. From the mission statement to the target audience, your business has it’s own story that resonates with a particular audience. Instead of throwing a “marketing plan” at you, we work to give life to your story.

After we’ve analyzed your business, brand and goals, We use a variety of skills, platforms and strategies to give you what you’ve always been looking for.


Navigating your online landscape can be exhausting. If it’s not your primary focus, your efforts will be lost amidst a sea of white noise. The solution isn’t straight forward, but it all starts with a strategy.


We dig deep into your online space to get a better understanding of your target audience, social platforms and online branding.


We clearly map out your online journey with measurable milestones, that allows you to understand how and why we do what we do.


Admit it, creating content is hard and time consuming. If it’s not in your DNA to be blasting out content every week, then you just end up resenting it. That’s not a good strategy, is it?

We investigate your target market and online goals to provide a manageable strategy that’s aligned with your mission.