Social Media is Hard. Point Blank.

It’s a complicated balance between understanding your audience, the social platform and how to leverage content.

The amount of research, content and engagement that goes in to successful research is underestimated. There’s more to social media than just posting an image, creating a caption and adding a link. It’s a carefully planned dynamic strategy held together by deep research,quick thinking and creative campaigns.


Social media is time consuming, BUT with the right strategy , Social Media Marketing can be a powerful tool to nurture your businesses growth. However, if it’s executed poorly it can exhaust your budget, waste your time and cause high levels of stress.

Sometimes the answer has been staring at you in the face for years. But if you’re not diving deep in to social media everyday, how are you ever going to realize it’s full potential? 


This is where we come in. We are Digital Marketing experts first and creative thinkers second. We use historic data, market research and up-to-date strategies to craft a Social Media Marketing plan that will show you results and get you to your goals.

Every good strategy starts by understanding what you need to start building your vision. Social media marketing is the same. You have to know who you are talking to and what social channel they use to engage with their community.

We LOVE the power of social media, but there are A LOT of misconceptions, myths and “he said, she said” guides that only confuse you more about these channels. We’re here to tell our truth, so here it goes…



Due to the extremely open nature of Twitter, and semi-open nature of Facebook, it’s easy for anyone to harness a basic understanding of the algorithms, the algorithm trends, and what any given API update means for you, as a business owner.

There are thousands of online tools, apps, plugins, etc. to help you streamline your content, posting schedule, and even extract powerful analytics. We’ve researched and tried everything, so not only will we manage your social media, but we will also provide you with the tools you need to one day do it yourself.

Soon, you’ll be able to leverage Twitter and Facebook for maximum exposure, maximum engagement, with minimum time invested. You’ll be able to automate and conquer these platforms like the social media marketing ninja we know you are.


Instagram’s platform is extremely “closed” in nature. Instagram doesn’t want to show you everything that’s going on under its hood — so it’s API only responds to the requests it allows. Which, unfortunately, is very slim.

Their goal is to create a community with organic and genuine engagement, free of spam, hackers, and bots trying to “cheat the system”.

Instagram only recently updated their API to allow users to automatically schedule and publish posts via 3rd parties like Hootsuite and Sprout Social. This was undeniably the most frequently requested Instagram feature, so this was a win for business owners and social media marketers alike! But proceed with caution.

While we’re all about leveraging productivity hacks… Using an app to automate posts or increase engagement, followers, or likes, may really end up hurting you.

Instagram detects automation, so it can “devalue” your content, block your organic reach, or even ban your account. When you use an app to extract data or engage with users by following and unfollowing accounts, Instagram may blacklist or ban your account.


How many times have you heard people say that LinkedIn is overflowing with sales messages, or Pinterest is just for DIY?